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Research - Ricerche

The aim of the study was to investigate the role of time perspective on psychological well-being of old people, that is acknowledge as a central dimension of positive ageing. A sample of 126 old people (M age = 73.09 years, SD = 7.44; 83 females and 38 males) has participated and has filled in the S-ZTPI (Carelli, Wiberg & Wiberg, 2011) and the PWB Questionnaire (Ryff, 1989). Old people with high school education possess lower level of future negative. Past negative and present fatalistic are negatively correlated with all dimensions of psychological well-being, while future positive is positively correlated with all the dimensions of well-being, with the exception of positive relations with others.
Past positive is positively correlated with self-acceptance, environmental mastery, and positive relations with others. A Multiple Regression Model evidenced that past negative, present fatalistic and future negative are negative predictors of overall psychological well-being, while past positive and present hedonistic positively predict overall psychological wellbeing, highlighting the complex relationship between well-being and time organization in old age. Results are discussed considering also the implications for interventions based on time perspective in this stage of life.

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This paper reports the results of the validation of a belief-based measure (scale) of attitudes towards urban littering. Two different studies (overall N = 530) evaluated the dimensional structure, internal coherence and convergent validity of the scale. A set of 10 statements (items) were eventually identified demonstrating acceptable levels of internal coherence, and statistically significant correlations with an adjective-based measure of attitudes towards littering and with measures of other relevant factors such as the general perceived seriousness of the problem, the perceived harmfulness of littering for city life, and the fairest amount of monetary sanction. The scale can be used in future studies to assess respondents’ overall positive/negative view of this particular issue.

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Experiences & Tools - Strumenti

The theme of feeling gratitude and its possible role in buffering stress has been widely explored in the Positive Psychology approach. However almost nothing has been said about users’ gratitude and its plausible function as a source of support for social-health professionals. With the aim of measuring the support derived from the professionals’ perception of users’ gratitude, a scale was developed and administered to 347 social operators.
Exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis was conducted in order to validate scale structure and analyze items properties. Scale reliability and discriminant validity were evaluated by Cronbach’s alpha, AVE and correlations with divergent construct. A two-factor solution was highlighted: Gratitude expressions and Gratitude as a source of support (3 and 5 items). The work contributes to fill a gap in the reflection on the positive side of the relationship with users: the new PGrate scale can be considered to evaluate this particular source of support, in addition to the traditional social support received from colleagues and superiors.

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This paper presents the results of three studies to validate an Italian version of the French Scale of satisfaction with the work environment (ESET). Environmental satisfaction refers to the individual’s overall assessment of a place that they occupy (workstation, office, organization, neighbourhood), and it is an increasingly central concept in environmental psychology. However, it remains unexplored in the work context and this research aims to contribute to this field of study. The first study involved 287 Italian employees in various professional sectors. Exploratory factor analysis confirmed the original 10-factor structure of the questionnaire. Participants in the second study were 350 Italian employees. Confirmatory factor analysis revealed that the Italian version has adequate psychometric properties. Finally, the third study identified its convergent validity. The implications for human resource management are discussed.

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School and health operators have to deal more and more with bilingual children with learning disorders.
The European Battery for Reading Assessment project aims to adapt the IReST battery to design a standardised assessment suitable for measuring a child’s reading performances during his/her developmental age. This tool could be used with bilingual and multilingual children, for both clinical and educational purposes. We tested the battery on 370 Italian children attending the second cycle of primary school and the lower secondary school. The tool for this analysis has to maintain the linguistic complexity of each language and we have decided to use the International Reading Speed Test. The texts are equivalent in all languages (17 idioms). In the same time, all the subjects of our sample were evaluated using a list of single words and a list of pseudo-words to read aloud and a reading test. The results seem to confirm that the battery can also be employed in the evolutionary developmental field.

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